Friday, July 3, 2009

Foundation Laid Today - 3 TB NAS

I started to lay the foundation today for a 3 TB, RAID 5 based NAS with iSCSI support expand the Teeple Network home server farm.

I just upgraded my server and found that my RAID 1, based 1 TB solution, while effective, is running out of disk space quickly. 

So, off to Newegg.COM to purchase a PCI 4SATA II controller and Amazon.COM to purchase 2 1 TB 7200 RPM disks (to supplement my existing 2, 1 TB disks) to eventually create a unified 3 TB, RAID 5 based system. 

Haven't decided if I will use OPENFILER distribution, ESX 4.0 or LINUX as the foundation yet.

I am leaning towards LINUX only because I can add a component here and there to make the system do 'other' functions.

I will keep you in the loop!


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