Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Parallels, Et Tu?

What is Bill bitching about today? 
  • Politics? NO
  • Economy? NO
  • Sports? NO
  • Technology? Maybe
I use a Mac - you know that.  I also have need to get into Windows occasionally which I have found very huge returns on my investment with Parallels.  Recently, my job has called for the usage of VMWare, both from a Workstation perspective and a ESX perspective, so I acquired the VMWare Fusion 1.x and have kept it up-to-date.  I am now up to 3.0 (released last week).

Now my gripe!

Why is it that the upgrade to VMWare Fusion 3.0 was 39.99 and the Parallels is 49.99 - that is it.  A bitch session over $10.00.

My existing Parallels works fine in Snow Leopard (NOTE TO DEVELOPER:  If you product works in one O.S., don't market that as selling point for next version of product).

Why should I spend $50.00 on an upgrade that will give me:
  • Aero enhancements
  • Windows 7 Compatibility
  • DirectX 9c shaders
Ah... who am I kidding - I will probably buy it just to buy it.


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