Friday, January 22, 2010

Mac Tablet Predictions

Have you heard the latest about the Apple Macintosh tablet project to be (hopefully) announced on the 26th of January?

There is a lot of speculation around the Internet concerning the project and I have to tell you that with each and every new posting, the fervor is rising and I am getting my credit card ready... erh... I mean... excited about the possibilities.

But... I think some people might be giving Apple a lot more credit than they are due and I am concerned by some of the conceptual drawings and hopeful inclusions.

I think it will be a slim device, much like an iPhone/iTouch device - a skoshe bit larger (depth) and probably about 8-9 inches.  It will be a full touch screen - no doubt.  Would be cool if they have a stylus, but Apple has never released a stylus before (except with the Newton).  I also think that the OS, based on Mac OS X, will not be a full blown Mac OS X implementation.  It will be more like the iTouch/iPhone OS - but multi-tasking.  I would be surprised if you could actually 'install' things on it that were not sanctioned and acceptable like the iTunes App store. 

I cannot imagine, say, PhotoShop CS4 being installed on the device - but that would be pretty cool.

I am sure it will have all the amenities needed to be productive just as the iPhone/iTouch already have. 

Without a doubt, next week looks to be a great week for Apple Fanatics as there is expected to be rumored upgrades to the MacBook Pro line, announcement of iPhone OS 4.0 (with multi-tasking, thank God) and of course the TABLET!

Hoping for the best,

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