Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Apple's Epic Spelling Error

Not that I can speak to having a keen sense of 'spelling' correctly, but you would think that Apple would have someone double checking their display banners on their home page:

Better LUCKS next time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Malywarebytes Forums - for the birds

So I am working on a particularly troubling spyware issue and found myself on the doorsteps of the Malwarebytes Forum pages. 

I had been working on removing a very nasty piece of spyware and ran into a few issues that I saw another user was running into - and the fix that was being given to that user was a sledgehammer when a screwdriver was required (metaphorically speaking).

So I decided to give a reply with my solution to his immediate problem.  Signed up on their forums, got a user account and verified my account when I got the message in my inbox and then... posted my quick fix reply for this users problem.

An hour later... I got this NASTY GRAM in my e-mail inbox:
Pardon my being cantankerous, but we only allow authorized people to help in the HijackThis forum.

I have deleted your response to the topic [url=""]Your PC Protector.exe[/url]. Please do not give me reason to be more cantankerous than I already am. ;)

The error that the helper made has already been pointed out to them by the maker of ComboFix himself, as well as a workaround that he could have used. Please allow the Trusted Advisor who is working on that topic to work on a resolution with the user. We will help him if he needs it, and the last thing the user needs is a bunch of people telling him what to do.

Thank you. ;)
First Off - I think the forum administrator or whoever he is, came off as a complete ass.  I mean seriously - "Please don't give me a reason to be more cantankerous than I already am"   Give me a break.  And what is with the, "only authorized people" are allowed to post?

So I replied back with this:

That is how you start out a message - I don't care if you are cantankerous or not...  I find your lack of customer service skills to be horrific.

And what does Authorized People mean?  Could you define that a bit more?  Maybe that should be listed somewhere that EVEN IF YOU ARE A MEMBER, YOU HAVE TO BE 'AUTHORIZED'   

I did sign up to be a member - why be a member if you cannot post to the message boards?   I don't understand that logic?

I am glad that the error was corrected - I must have missed that in the forum posts - If you do not allow the general public to participate in a FORUM - then remove my account - love the application - but if this is what I can expect from support - I won't bother.

I am glad the user found his fix... but I chastised the Malwarebytes representative and told him that his customer service skills sucked (basically).

The Customer Service person (GT500) could have stated, very plainly, that there was a strict policy in place, point me to the policy, then nicely alert me that the my posting had to be deleted per that policy.  I have been doing I.T. for 17 years and it has taken me a long time to work with my community using kid gloves and trying to instill some confidence in not only my technical skills, but my personal skills. 

Work on it, GT500.