Sunday, January 29, 2012

MacWorld 2012/iWorld 2012 Review

It is Sunday - MacWorld/iWorld is over, and I am underwhelmed.  My yearly mecca of all good things Apple, took a not totally unexpected turn this year and morphed partially into all things iOS.  The hallmark of the event, usually catered to by large corporations pushing their wares... has fallen by the way-side, giving way to the garage type small businesses.  Not a bad thing, but when you focus all your energies throughout the previous year (And not being a WWDC participant), you  show up and find a lot of small shops and no name players.  Just depressing.

The writing was soon apparent when I showed up on Thursday and found that neither Moscone North or South were being used for the event?  This is the first time in a long time that the even did not dominate enough to command both sides of the Moscone center.  In fact, Moscone North and South were occupied by PHOTONICS WEST (ugh? looked it up when I got home - show for all things laser).  In fact, as I was walking up to the Moscone North building, someone yelled at me (As he saw my badge) and told me we were at West?  There is a Moscone WEST?  I would soon find it - not a bad building - just small.

The entire floor was about 1/2 the size of what is normal for MacWorld.  With Apple pulling out several years ago, it appears that the major players have followed suit - no Adobe, no Microsoft.  HP was there, but pushing their printers in a large booth.  There were a lot of accessories.  Hence, the iWorld moniker definitely fit the landscape this year.

I started out at the smaller booths and worked my way around the small exhibits.  Some where cool - some not so cool.  I was happy to see Topaz Labs onsite - LOVE their photo filters.  They have some really cool plug-ins for PhotoShop (check them out).  Extended batteries, wireless batteries, cases and special gidgets and gadgets for your iLife (iPad, iPhone and iPods).  What was lacking was any corporate support for your MAC - while I do admit that my iPhone and iPad are central to my productivity, I didn't get why the Mac, the center of any real computing experience had very little love.

The entire floor (even with my talking and purchases) took only about 1 1/2 hours to walk.  I do admit, that there were a lot more booth babes this time around.  Not a lot of give-aways (Even within the first 2 hours of the show opening).

Not so sure that I will be attending next year - for $25 entry, there just wasn't a lot to attract me.  It was more like a flea market for nerds, or a throwback to the retro age of computer clubs from the 70's/80's.

Still love Apple, but I think they need to still support the show that helped keep them going - they don't have to announce anything - but it would be nice to have the love of the company we keep in business.

My two cents.