Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Old Poems I dredged up from the internet

STARTUP (2001)

A flick of the switch,
and it pulses to life.

Fans whirling, drives spinning
Electricity Imbimbing.

This is the START & I await the happy computers greeting
will it start, will it stop, will it stall

Action, icons appear, bringing form
to microscopic 0's and 1's

So begins the magical dance as
my clicks and drags manipulate

and transform the 0's to 1's and
the 1's to 0's.

Form and function travel in
the ether contained from diode to diode.

Much to small to see,
but it's there. I smell it... I can taste it.

Have you tasted it lately?
You may have and not known it.

I cannot describe it; it changes so fast
... technology
... changes
... everything
...even us.


It comes in a shiny package,
all the cdroms are so bright.

GUARANTEED to make my computer run faster,
or so the marketing team writes.

I rip open the cellophane wrapping,
and I fly high as a kite.

As I extract from the box
a disc and manual, wrapped so tight.

I gleefully place the disc in my computer,
everything seems so right.

After a twenty minute install,
my excitement has reached its height.

I reboot the system,
but all that returns is a small green light.

Now frustrated and hysterical,
I prepare for a technical support fight.

All has not gone as planned and
all is definitely not right.

After three hours with tech support,
I send the software disc on a one-way flight.

As it sails across the room,
trying to escape my sight...

I reflect on the shiny package,
that has made this a hell-of-a-night!